Current Investments

Food & Service Group

Delivery wholesale of food and non-food items with focus on snack bars

GFT Gothaer Fahrzeugtechnik

Production of lattice boom sytems and system critical crane components

HKM Sports Equipment

Distribution of proprietary full-range equestrian product assortment

GfS Gesellschaft für Straßenunterhaltung

Technical services related to steel protection systems and traffic safety

Mungo Befestigungstechnik

Development and international sale of fastening technology products for the construction industry


Development and production of high precision gears and components with focus on e-mobility, e-bikes and professional e-tools

Former Investments

Schollenberger Kampfmittelbergung 

Civil explosive ordnance detection and recovery


WST Präzisionstechnik 

Manufacturing and distribution of precision turning parts for the automotive, gear manufacturing, drive/hydraulics and electronic engineering



Development and sale of Big Data analytics software



Manufacturing and distribution of thermal lagging materials and fire protection products



Distribution of lamps and luminaires as well as complementary lighting planning and consulting for professional clients



Design, production and distribution of decorative furniture fittings made of die-cast metal and plastics


Bärbel Drexel

Development, production and distribution of natural cosmetics and nutrition supplements; distribution of semi-precious stonesohn-accessoires


Oberndörfer Präzisionsteile

Manufacturing and distribution of high precision turned and milled parts for common rail injection systems and steering systems in the automotive sector


DNZ – Deutsche Notrufzentralen und Sicherheitsdienste

DNZ Group provides full scope security services including guarding, beat patrol, alarm centre connections (ACC), reception services and facility management services

Mecanindus Vogelsang

Design, production and distribution of metal fasteners, components for suspension and safety systems


Construction of turnkey projects involving materials handling with an emphasis on the pulp & paper industry, the biomass industry and minerals technology


J&S Automotive

Design, production and distribution of safety components, heat shield systems, welding assemblies and assembly/fixing components for the automobile manufacturing and auto parts industry.


Derby Cycle

Design, assembly, and sale of bicycles, in particular through specialist bicycle retailers in Germany and Europe



Development and production of electrical contacts, precision-stamped parts, technical plastic parts, plastic-coated precision-stamped parts and subassemblies


MBB Liftsystems

Lifting platforms and conveying technology


Hügel Gutbrod

Supplier Automotive


Towntalker Media

Provider of out-of-home media services